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Jaz bi napisala tako: Sem radovedna oseba z zanimivimi življenjskimi izkušnjami. Že od otroštva me je zanimala organizacija dogodkov, razburljivih izletov in potovanj, saj sem že od nekdaj rada s prijatelji raziskovala okolico in veliko časa preživela v bližini vinogradov, majhnih kmetij in gozdov...


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Our happy clients

24. januar

Petra explains nicely if you want to achieve a positive goal in communicating, the only way is good communication. Understandably, calmly, and especially in a positive way, she gives a nice knowledge that changes the view that you have to peer to communication skills in all areas of life. Petra is a smiling, vibrant and positive person. As a lecturer, he has the ability to clear and dynamic feed of a substance that is not boring with humor.

Irena Mišigoj

24. januar

Petra teaches you how to recognize your limiting beliefs that block you on the way to happiness. Teach you how to free a heavy backpack and listen to your heart. Teach you to raise your head toward the sun and put the border dark I think. Teach you how to be you, despite the different expectations of society. Petra is a heartless, positive person with enormous knowledge. Petra, thanks! 🌞💗

Alenka Leban

06. marec 2019

Harmony, success and love. That's what PETER RUTAR does to you. A real man in the right place. Full of knowledge and success shared by I'd love to...... Thank you, Peter.

Sal Mir

03. januar 2019

Petra is well-established in new situations, she is quick in the decisions & at the same time multi-tasking, she has a trained professional performance and is also very photogenic. New ventures are addressed by the approach 'All In” If you are looking for " Miss. Campaign " for tactical-operational realization of your vision, Petra is a reliable right choice for you!

Otonicar Ales

11. december 2018

Petra helped me to say the content with the correct voice techniques in public speaking. She taught me when and how I use the breaks and the silence and how to use my voice melody to not lose the attention of listeners. Now that I perform, people understand me and my goal is accomplished.

Eva Benda

11. december 2018

. I would recommend Petra to everyone who would like to speak confidentially. She knows how to share all the necessary information professionally and above all, even that it was a group seminar, she treated each person individually. Thank you Petra!

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